Charles River Chiropractic serves Newton, Mass. and the surrounding area. Dr. Benjamin Grace will work with you to develop a comprehensive program of chiropractic, manual therapy, and exercise, according to your individual needs. Whether you need pain relief, improved mobility, help for sports injuries or enhanced athletic performance, chiropractic can help. Dr. Grace specializes in:

  • Manual therapy to promote the body's natural healing response
  • Movement therapy to reduce pain
  • Exercises to support and stabilize the body
  • Education to avoid tissue-damaging behaviors

A patient-centered philosophy

Dr. Grace will work with you to understand your personal situation and find solutions to improve your long-term health. Dr. Grace diagnoses and treats patients with a customized adjustment and exercises optimized for each patient. He looks beyond the immediate symptoms to emphasize rehabilitation and prevention designed to reduce strain on healing tissues and effectively manage your condition.