I had extreme pain my neck causing my left arm to go numb. Dr. Grace helped me eliminate this pain 100% after only six visits. Between my wife and I, we have been to multiple chiropractors but would not go to anyone else now that we have found Dr. Grace. He listens to your problems, and uses different techniques to fix your particular issue. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so.
-- Brett F., Newton, MA


I came to Dr. Grace with both rotator cuff and hip problems from some winter activities and discovered that he is not your average ‘snap, crackle and pop’ kind of chiropractor.  I  expected him to heat the area, adjust it, ice it and send me on my way.  Instead, he took time to determine my particular issues and then employed a number of different techniques. I felt physically supported at all times when he moved my shoulder to find the range of motion. The adjustments were easy and not at all painful. Then he discussed with me what was going on physically and why I was having discomfort.  And then he did something that I had not really experienced before;  he gave me a number of exercises to help strengthen the areas. And they work! At this point he seems like more than just a chiropractor.  I fully expect to get back to some serious kayaking this spring.

I have since sent my son to see Dr. Grace.  He had a 2nd operation nearly two years ago for a dislocated shoulder and has experienced a lot of stiffness and quite a bit of discomfort since that time. Working with Dr. Grace has given him more range of motion and much less discomfort than he’s seen in quite a while.

Dr. Grace comes very highly recommended.
--Alan M., Newton, MA


"I had experienced six years of chronic, daily shoulder and neck pain, when I contacted Dr. Grace for help eight weeks ago. After just two months of visits with Dr. Grace, I can now report I have been completely healed. I still can’t believe seeing a chiropractor for such a short period would alleviate such a constant ache, and I highly recommend Dr. Grace to others living in pain!"
--Amanda R., Newton, MA